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Burrows R&H Machine LLC was once Blalock's Machine Inc. I went to work for Jim and Paul at Blalock's Machine on March 6,1984 and worked there until October 10,1985. The oilfield was slowing down and Paul decided to go off onto other ventures. Jim wanted me to work part time, well being a workaholic got in the way of that and i found another job. Jim and I remained friends and I would help him from time to time when he was out of town or just had to much work. He was pretty much retired by 1990 but he still did an occasional job for his main customer which he had from the beginning. Meanwhile, I had gone back to United Machine and was running the shop for Milton Copeland. On July 3,1991, there was a terrible auto accident in Kilgore TX. Jim Barrett, his wife Verna, and their oldest grandson James Blalock died from injuries sustained in the wreck. The world changed for a lot of people that day. I lost some very dear friends, Paul and Kelly Blalock certainly lost a large part of their heart and family that day. Paul had started talking to me about buying the business early on. I prayed daily to make the right decision and felt assured when i said i would buy it. Paul and I worked out a deal and on February 1,1992, R&H Machine was open for business. If you think prayers don't work, I started R&H Machine with only $3200.00 dollars to my name. It was tough, I was the only employee and a single dad, but this is where the workaholic takes over. I never ran from a challenge. Somehow I would always figure out how to take of it. R&H Machine started growing almost as quickly as we had opened the doors. We moved to Kilgore in 1995 and doubled our space. We added on in 1997, and 1999, and again in 2000. We rented a building for more growth in 2004 and we were still in need of more space and needed to put all of the equipment into one location. In November of 2006 we moved into our current location with 26,880 sq ft. As of August 2012 we have just finished a new 10,000 sq ft fab shop. As you can see we are not afraid of success. We put taking care of our customer first every time. We have both manual and CNC machines as well as fabrication capabilities. We have approximately 45 employees to take on whatever the world has to offer. We have totally been blessed and we seek out the challenges. 

Rae Burrows

Company Founder